Memories of Dewi for Saturdays match

DEWI EDWARDS – 1997-2016


Last Friday the club received the tragic news of Dewi’s death. Sudden and untimely.

Dewi had been a very active member of the club since joining as an 8 year old “mini” player, happy and cheeky, the club witnessed and was hopefully instrumental in his growing up and development. He never fitted a specific mould and was always his own person.

When mum “Emma” was sorting out club matters with the Club chairman, in her role as mini and junior chair – Dewi would regularly appear at these meeting, muddy and smiling after training or matches, sit and join in!!.. Until dispatched with some money for a can of coke, chips, crisps, or whatever was desired at the time. He knew how to play the system and would appear another couple of times if the discussions were lengthy.

Dewi enjoyed his rugby and was very competitive, on one such occasion, Emma arrived to collect him from a match and he was already in the club house, dispatched from the game at a very early stage, by the referee (his dad Dave!…) Dewi, not one to miss an opportunity when he was waiting, opened a Tab behind the bar and bought drinks and snacks for him and his mates, a sum of £20 had accumulated for his mum to pay on arrival. He played numerous colts matches and for one so young, managed 7 full senior appearances for the Club.


He was not a lover of educational establishments, although he tried more than most, he preferred to learn about life by experience and for one so young he certainly packed those in. Forever thoughtful and caring. Earlier this year the club was invaded by travellers, many members turned up to assist us with the problem. As evening became night, many had to return home. Obviously concerned about the Clubs security, Dewi and two other players volunteered to stay on duty overnight, with little or no sleep patrolling the grounds on a regular basis. As members returned in the morning Dewi slipped off to the showers, returned 5 minutes later fully suited and booted, a big smile on his face and off for a day’s work. Selfless and caring for others.

Dewi was highly thought of by his peers, when the news came in early on Friday morning, many of his playing colleagues were unable to complete their working day, met to exchange tales and experiences, and took Rhys out later and “looked” after him. The day became evening…., became night…. became morning…., many stories were regaled, some will make you laugh, some would bring a smile to your face and a few would make you grimace…. Dewi all over.

Our thoughts today are with Dave, Emma, Rhys and Nicole, your family and friends.

Cheltenham Rugby Club