Summer jobs with Dads Army

26th August 2020

Many thanks to the men and women rugby players who volunteered to help deliver “routine and non-routine”  maintenance to the club facilities this year … in the 6+ years I have been involved in coordinating these activities – this is the most we have ever achieved …… the financial savings are immense and on behalf of the club I thank you.   –   Dave Townsend (President CRFC) 



Steve Ratcliffe, Dave Giles and “yours truly – Dave Townsend”

  • Grass strimming around all pitches,  car parks and boundaries where possible
  • Main car park lines painted
  • Racking/shelving installed to hold club records for club Historian 
  • Racking/shelving installed in M&J kit/storeroom 
  • New fence painted by RFU container
  • Painted posts on entrance path to huddle (tbc)
  • Boot wash temporary fix
  • Painted “Huddle” exterior wall and clubhouse window sills
  • Fixed two gazebo’s to clubhouse wall
  • Installed memorial plaque for John Woodward (donated to the club)



Jnr & Snr Spellman, Leroy Robertson, Mike Dodge, Ryan Bradham, Tom & Archie Lait, David Jackson, Boris(Andy Robertson) , Matt Barr, Ollie Etheridge, Conor Wood, Reece Hudspeth, Jack Petelo, Alipate Alualu, Leka Hifo, Jon Mailings, Tavo ……… (sorry if I have missed any names off)

  • Painted picnic benches and benches
  • Emptied bins
  • Cut all grass lawns
  • Tidied up entrance/front of clubhouse 
  • Litter picked the grounds
  • Cleared the outside bar areas
  • Jet washed outside
  • Painted posts on training and middle pitch (Leroy)
  • Bought and put up national flags (Leroy)
  • Cleared and tidied “tractor” storage area
  • Carried out some temporary fence fixes   
  • Men and Women jointly- Cleaned and cleared up grounds following travellers visitation



Bee Mocelin, Suzie Walker, Meg Reid, Abi Walker, Lauren Williams, Molly Danks, Beth Smithies, Laura Hale, Rebecca Trist, jade Atkinson, Emma Davies, Maddie Massey, Gemma and Shelley Dobson Stevens ………. (sorry if I have missed any names off)

  • Whole changing room block internally painted – all changing rooms and corridors
  • Strimmed and jet washed by kitchen and round changing block
  • Behind bar deep cleaned and glasses bleached
  • Changing rooms and toilets deep cleaned
  • Clubhouse toilets deep cleaned Clubhouse toilets (Men and ladies) painted
  • Kit storage rooms cleaned out 
  • Bar staff toilet and corridor painted
  • Outside cellar jet washed.


Some activities are still ongoing but a tremendous effort.


We are a competitive rugby club providing sport for all. Our players start as Tiger Cubs (under 4’s) and play at all levels and ages up to Veterans, boys and girls, men and women, in fully inclusive environment, embracing all of rugby's core values.