Club Costs, Income and How your Membership Fee is Used

9th December 2020

As a result of the Club Questionnaire, many comments were submitted asking for transparency, clarity and information on the club’s costs, income and how each membership fee is spent. We have therefore pulled together an infographic to try and convey everything and also some FAQs below for additional insight.




What’s the purpose of this graphic?

As a result of the Club Questionnaire, many have requested transparency, clarity and information on the clubs spend regarding each players membership fee. This quantifies the calculations behind the value of the membership fees and what all our income is spent on.


What is there “equipment spend” in the M&Y fees?

Equipment can be anything from tackle bags, balls, ladders, cones, first aid kits, ice packs (which we seem to buy a lot of) and many other incidental but necessary items


Why a difference in membership fees?

Our women have significant travel expenses and some overnight costs (trips to Newcastle, Harrogate Leeds et etc), Men and women have coaching costs, medical costs and other incidentals. M&Y have significant food costs and wear and tear on pitches as some examples.


Why do our property costs look so high?

This is related to a number of items, Mortgage to purchase Newlands (5th August 2007) New training lights in 2012, AGP, new Changing rooms and the gym structural costs.  Mortgage and loans are significantly less than 50% of the value of the assets and are being reduced on an annual basis


Basically, Membership accounts for around 35% of running costs?

It is a common misconception that Membership pays for everything. These graphics indicate that at most, membership accounts for about 35% of our needed running cost.


Why are we paying pitch hire?

This is simply a terminology, we carry out extensive ground’s maintenance, the AGP is brushed twice a week, pitches are marked every week, mowing the grass in the summer (sometimes twice a week), VertI draining in the winter, fertiliser, grass seed and general renovation all adds up to nearly £17,000 annual grounds maintenance to provide some of the best pitches in the area.


Why are we making charitable contributions?

The men’s and women’s membership include a £10 contribution to our designated charity MND/Freddie Crisp Trust- a former player Mike Crisp who started at the club as an under 12 joining from Winchcombe School, played all the way through the juniors and then playing for the seniors before moving to Reading and Worcester eventually returning to Cheltenham. Sadly Mike was diagnosed with MND in 2016, his son Freddie is playing rugby in our Tiger Cubs. We make regular collections for Mike and his wife Becky and their son Freddie. This is one of our chosen charities


Why is there a coaching cost for the M&Y when all are volunteers?

A really good question! It has always been a volunteer-led coaching environment, however, as a club, we strongly support CPD and encourage all our coaches to follow the RFU coaching development courses. The current system is the coach has to pay the cost of the course on booking Individuals have to book through the RFU portal- group bookings are no longer possible) the Club reimburses these costs when the course is completed.


How is the fundraising costs made up?

This is an interesting section. Basically, many areas of effort by many members, a list extending from – second-hand kit shop, cake sales, raffles, car washing, gum shields, sleepovers, match day collections etc.


We are a competitive rugby club providing sport for all. Our players start as Tiger Cubs (under 4’s) and play at all levels and ages up to Veterans, boys and girls, men and women, in fully inclusive environment, embracing all of rugby's core values.