Can you help with our planned clubhouse refurbishments?

13th January 2021

Following on from the Club Survey sent out I have agreed to be the Lead/Point of contact for some Clubhouse Refurbishments!  David Evans is already super busy trying to secure some grants to help support with the refurbishment – we will keep you posted.

However, I think as a Community/Family there is a lot that we could do collectively – with that in mind I need your help with the below:  ?

  • Any ideas for how and what we could do to the clubhouse – please give me a shout, I am building a working document that I am happy to share with all
  • Do your sections have any specific trades that may be able to support with any specialist work – electrician, plumber etc
  • Will your section be willing to support volunteer days up the club – if so, please confirm the contact I should use when organising such days?

I am very passionate about supporting tidying/refurbing the clubhouse and I am hoping that many of you share my passion.  I am not particularly skilled in DIY however I wield a mean paintbrush, and love a good clean/sort out!

With the New Year starting I think January and February could be a great opportunity for us to come together as One Club – to work together, get to know one another and build a greater family bond ?

Let’s Get Involved ?

Bee Mocellin

If you can help in any way please contact Bee at womensandgirls@cheltenhamtigers.com


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