February Club Update

23rd February 2021

Clubhouse Renovation Update

Before Christmas, we reached out to you guys, the membership, with an online survey about all things club related. Over 200 of you completed the survey, and there was an overriding area that you felt we needed to work on – and that was the Clubhouse itself. In recent years we have invested heavily in the facilities at the club, the AGP, the changing room block and The Huddle but to name a few, however, we have not really given any care or attention to the Clubhouse itself.  With this in mind, and with the backing of your feedback we decided as a Committee to look into the possible Refurbishment of the clubhouse. Initially starting with the main clubhouse room, but also the immediate outside areas and the sports bar would be planned in. You may remember that I reached out for volunteers to support this, and I am proud to say I have been inundated with volunteers willing to paint, clean, plaster to name a few. So far everything in the Clubhouse has been done by Club people – something I wish to continue!

So what have we been up to… well the first job was understanding what state the Clubhouse was actually in, what work needed to be done, what work we could do and then of course what we wanted to do.


What we have done so far:

  • Removed all of the memorabilia on the walls and stored it in the Committee room
  • Stripped back all walls
  • Removed areas of damp
  • Designed a look and feel for our new Clubhouse main room
  • Completed a full site electrical survey
  • Removed the orange carpets


What is happening next:

  • Electrical work to include safety work and some cosmetic touches (hiding of wires, removal of redundant switches/points)
  • Walls to be plastered
  • Guttering in the roof fixed
  • External brickwork (we covered up some redundant extractor fans)
  • Quote for new external doors to improve access for wheelchair users
  • Quote for a Heating and Plumbing Service
  • Quote for new flooring – NO ORANGE CARPETS!!
  • Quote for some new comfortable furniture


As you can see a lot has already or is in the process of happening, essentially we are working hard to get the room in a fit state to be able to decorate, re-floor and, funds permitting, refurnish.  The aim is to create a warm, comfortable local pub atmosphere – with sport on the TVs, cosy corners, stylish functional furniture, a calm and chique décor with of course our traditional club memorabilia and rugby club theme. We are lucky enough to have an Interior designer amongst our Tigers Family and Lisa of Fabulush Interiors has worked hard to create a classic and stylish feel whilst in keeping with our Rugby Club theme.

We are now busy planning the next phase of works to be completed before we can start painting the walls, the next week is looking like being a busy one, with plastering, brickwork and electrical work all starting. Once this is complete we will be in a position to start decorating and getting the room back to a fit state for service – keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks as we will be looking for volunteers to support decorate.

Big shout outs to Lisa from Fabulush Interiors, Robbie Tyler, Aaron Reese Williams, Beth Smithies, Simon Barton and Marc Pardoe for their work so far, I’m excited by how our new clubhouse could look, and proud that we are embarking on this together.

*All work in the club has been done within social distancing and Covid regulations

– Bee


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