A Big Thank You To Our Player Sponsors

25th February 2021
?? Thank you to all our incredible player sponsors who have continued to sponsor us throughout this tough year
We appreciate all of your support ?

Who Sponsors Who

Soup Cans – Abi Walker – Women’s Team

Nutrition X – Freya Jones – Women’s Team

Gordon Gilder – Laura Hale – Women’s Team

Liz & Richard – Rebecca Trist – Women’s Team

Tubeworks Custom Fabrication – Andrew Robertson – Men’s Team

Normandy House – Ryan Bradnam – Men’s Team

Petelo Rugby All Stars – Aaron Pooley – Men’s Team

Eden Property – Connor Wood – Men’s Team

Weird Fish – James Spellman – Men’s Team

Ben Hough Workplace Co – Lauren Williams – Women’s Team

Kathryn Styan Agrii – Shelley Dobson-Stevens – Women’s Team

K2U Beauty – Molly Danks – Women’s Team

Thieves – Issy Gilks – Women’s Team

Cheltenham House Antiques – Issy Gilks – Women’s Team

Christian Scahill – Issy Gilks – Women’s Team

Back on Track – Becky Wilson – Women’s Team


If you would like to sponsor a player or get more information about our Sponsorship opportunities please visit our Sponsors page.


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