Clubhouse crowdfunding update #2

11th April 2021

Welcome back to Bees Blog!  First things first who is super excited that rugby is back?  As the nights get lighter who doesn’t love running around with their mates on the rugby field?  A busy week in the Clubhouse, kicked off with another great showing from the Gnomes!  The boys got the first coats of paint on to the walls, and it is already looking brighter!  Lots more sanding and pulling down damaged walls, as well as sorting and binning behind the bar.  Check out some of the photos of the gnomes, who used some imaginative ways to reach the high spots.  Walking around the clubroom, the gnomes have done a fantastic job getting every surface ready for plaster, primer, and paint, this of course has come at a messy cost! Gnome Beth took some plaster to the eye whilst demolishing a wall – a hairy situation that left Beth with a face full of eye solution and a pirate eye! Don’t worry Beth made a full recovery that day and was back to gnome duties within the hour ?

This week saw me start to book in and plan some of the specialised labourers – electrical work starts next week, as well as a new bar front and back being fitted.  Our new doors for better disabled access were measured up yesterday, and we also had a visit from Max Hough at Contract Interiors who are kindly providing our floor to ceiling trophy cabinets.  The designs on this look great.. and it will be up to all of us next season to kick some butt on the rugby pitch and fill them with silverware (no pressure guys).

All the paint was ordered and excitingly arrived today; I cannot wait to see the colours come together!  Our sound system and AV specialists paid a visit and scoped out TV placement and control, as well as a new sound system ready for the Lions series ?

Next week is a big week with electrical and plumbing works starting, as well as some plastering and woodwork behind the bar.  Hamish and I have started mapping out furniture placement and scoping some potential purchases.  I am particularly excited to start looking for some Chesterfield sofas to soften the edges of the clubroom, adding some cosy areas for coffees and chinwags.  If only we had them now. I’m sure I could find time for an afternoon nap or two as I continue to work from the clubhouse whilst managing the work!  If anyone is in the area next week and fancies popping their head in the window to have a nose and say hello, it would be great to see you.. and of course, I hope we are all getting behind the Crowdfund in any way we can.

Next time we should have some photos of parts of our new bar front and some coloured walls…


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