Clubhouse crowdfunding update #3

10th May 2021

What a crazy few weeks it has been – my actual day job has been supremely busy and of course, it was great to get back outside for some rugby! So, since we last caught up, I’ve managed to make even more mess at the club – taking more plaster down, removing radiators and pipes as well as steaming some walls.  Like I said it’s been a busy few weeks.

We have now knocked through a new walkway to the pitch meaning better access to the clubhouse bar for parents’ friends and family.  The new doors are ordered and I’m excited to confirm they will be electric button doors!  This corridor is also where we would like our business and supporter wall to go – if you haven’t already, check out our business reward, £250 for some great exposure at the club and on the website.

But back to the refurb… so the coffee bar is up and running, and we have now decided the back should really match our super-duper coffee bench and so Steve has been back to the grinder getting the back bar ready.  Simon our electrician was back in and I’m excited to announce all the chasing and AV wiring has been done – 18 new wall lights skirt the walls, with lots of extra plug sockets for laptops, phones and iPad!

The bar front is pretty close to being completed; it is now a beautiful deep grey colour – with panels to match.  The plasterers were in this week and got around the whole room, with only a few areas left to touch up before painting of the edge walls can start.  Furniture shopping started in earnest this week, sadly I couldn’t make the trip and so sent my three elves Steve, Nick and Hamish – of course, they came back empty-handed as they wouldn’t make a decision without me (cute).  The flooring colour has been picked, who knew there were so many colours or effects to choose from, but there are!  Hopefully, I have picked well.  We have ordered a custom-made booth to go in one of the corners, and I’ve a sneaky suspicion that our coaches may choose this as their meeting space pre and post-training. All the Aertex pillars and beams have now been finished (some of the worst material I have ever had to paint). Thank God that yet again my gnomes have stepped in and put the hours in to get it done.

This week I have the excitement of choosing the Dado rail for the edges and confirming the material colours for some of the furniture… the finish date is getting closer now, and I can’t wait!!!  See you next time


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