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We are reaching out to all of our Tiger Family, friends, and members in the hope that even in these difficult times you can spare the cost of a pint or two to help us reach our goal of £20,000.


2020 was a difficult year for rugby, with Covid 19 having an impact on grassroots sport across the country.  At Tigers, it was no different as we all eagerly awaited the Government and RFU announcements reducing restrictions…all with the hope of getting a game of rugby in.

With the uncertainty of on-field affairs, the Club pressed on with implementing their long-term strategic plan, and with that reaching out to the membership to understand what they felt the club needed to work on going forwards.  A club survey went out and with over 250 responses it became clear what everyone felt the club needed to look at next.



After a few honest Committee conversations, it was proposed that whilst the clubs’ doors remained closed for the foreseeable future, we could look at improving the main clubhouse – adhering to Covid 19 restrictions a handful of volunteers have already been in the club, stripping flooring back, repairing damaged walls, fixing leaky guttering and generally sorting and tidying up.

The club has already committed to completing electrical and plumbing work as well as plastering and decorating the walls. David Evans has done a wonderful job in getting us a couple of grants which will support the main clubhouse work, with one such grant in particular dedicated to improving disabled access to the Club – both front and back doors to the main room being replaced.
All in all, it is estimated investment by the club to bring the main room up to scratch is around £30,000 and as mentioned before this includes:

  • Electrical survey and remedial work
  • New lighting around the room
  • Plumbing and Heating work
  • New doors to improve access via the front and back entrances
  • New bar front
  • Walls plastered
  • Completely redecorated (new calm and fresh theme)

That said Covid 19 and lockdown no 3 continue to hinder our ability to create any meaningful revenue, in particular, the loss to the club of Cheltenham Races being a closed event means we miss out on around £25,000 which we would invest straight back into the clubhouse refurbishments.  We have had many volunteers come forward from all sections of the club, and we fully intend to decorate and complete all the needed repairs to the main clubhouse, it is at this stage though that we ask for the support of all of Tiger Family as we strive to raise £20K to replace the flooring throughout the main room to really add the finishing touches to the new design.

If we successfully manage to raise the money to replace all the flooring and go above our £20, 000 total the club will also commit to investing in a covered viewing area outside, facing the AGP – a must for those cold wet Sunday mornings I feel we may need it!





Project ManagerBee Mocellin

Having been part of the Club for over 16 years as a player and coach, and more recently been sat on the Club Committee I thought it was important for me to support the Club growth and Development. I put myself forward to lead a Club refurbishment project and received backing from the Committee. Covid for me presented an opportunity to tidy up the Main Clubhouse in preparation for our return to rugby, as well as build internally on our family culture, #oneclub. I have been overwhelmed by the support from all areas of the club with my proposal to refurb the clubhouse, and I cannot wait to see people's faces when they see their new club room for the first time.



Thanks to all the below who have given up their time to do a lot of the dirty work...

‘The Girls’

Beth Smithies

Molly Danks

Rebecca Addis

Rebecca Trist

Anabelle Whitecross

Chloe Morris

Maddie Massey

‘The Boys’

Tom Hudson

Jonathan Edwards

Arron Reese Williams

Jack Petelo

Ryan Bradham

Miji Marautaki

Connor Wood

Rhys Hudspeth

Leroy Robinson

Kieran Cox

Mike Dodge

Cheltenham Tigers RFC is inviting Friends of the Club to offer contributions to fund the refurbishment of the Clubhouse.
So far we've raised £13,376.00 of the £20,000.00!
67% funded

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We are offering the following rewards in return for your donation. To claim a specific reward, click on the reward below and donate at least the minimum amount. Some rewards are limited so be quick!

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Maddie Massey

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